Recent newsworthy pieces relevant to our mission of securing the future through research in the physical sciences and engineering.

NOVEMBER 13, 2017

NIST research: Timing is everything

Patrick R. LeClair, professor and department chair of the Department of Physics and...

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OCTOBER 23, 2017

ARPA-E Webinar

On Tuesday, October 24th, 2017,  from 1:00 to 2:00 PM Eastern, NASEM’s...

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OCTOBER 19, 2017

Fuzzy Logic, Clear Impact

Lotfi Zadeh took more than his fair share of criticism for his outside-the-box idea....

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OCTOBER 12, 2017

America must repair its scientific infrastructure

Materials scientist Olle Heinonen recently made the case for the United States to repair...

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OCTOBER 4, 2017

Nobel Prize winners worry about the state of science

Caltech professors Barry Barrish and Kip Thorne, awarded the Nobel Prize for physics in...

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SEPTEMBER 22, 2017

The Golden Goose: Celebrating Silly-Sounding Research With...

The Golden Goose Award, honoring federally funded research with silly sounding or obscure...

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AUGUST 10, 2017

Science funding crucial to economic growth

Timothy Gay, Willa Cather Professor of Physics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln,...

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JUNE 8, 2017

Keep the lights on: Science funding must be national...

Nick Zeppos, chancellor of Vanderbilt University and Board member for the Association of...

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MAY 25, 2017

Trump budget puts future scientific advances at risk

Alvin E. Roth of Stanford University and Dr. Jayme Locke of the UAB School of...

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MAY 25, 2017

President Trump’s budget proposal threatens science

Former U.S. Representative Rush Holt and former Director of the National Institutes of...

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MAY 25, 2017

Congress Should Work Together to Ensure America’s Global...

  U.S. Sen. Gary Peters recently offered a strong defense of science research for...

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MAY 12, 2017

How to Maintain America’s Edge

L. Rafael Reif recently argued that funding basic science research is a vital part of...

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