Task Force Releases

RunnerAugust 12, 2015 -- Key Senators Commended for COMPETES Efforts
Task Force makes case for important research legislation

DomeJune 5, 2015 -- Task Force Supports Senate Energy Research Bill
Bipartisan measure a "strong model for a COMPETES reauthorization bill"

DomeApril 21, 2015 -- Task Force Expresses Serious Concerns with House COMPETES Bill
Important Energy Dept and NSF research programs could face major cuts

DomeNovember 17, 2014 -- Congress Asked to Pass Omnibus Approps Bill, Support Research
Continuing resolution would have stifling effect on US research enterprise

ClapMay 15, 2014 -- House Supports NSF, NASA in tough Budget, NIST also Deserving
Task Force commends bill & praises CJS Chair Wolf and Ranking Member Fattah for leadership

DiceMarch 31, 2014 -- Task Force Raises Concerns With House Research Bill
FIRST Act poses risk to economy by perpetuating research decline & innovation deficit

ResearchMarch 12, 2014 -- America Must Reverse Stagnation & Decline of Innovation Resources
Congress asked to enable real growth in research and science infrastructure in FY15

ResearchFebruary 24, 2014 -- Appropriators Asked to Prioritize Research
Task Force emphasizes risk to U.S. economic and security interests

ChamberJanuary 21, 2014 -- Task Force Lauds Bipartisan Budget Effort that Boosts Science
Appropriations measure to begin restoring essential research resources

December 3, 2013 -- Congressional Budget Chairs Encouraged to Ease Sequestration
America's role as world innovation leader in danger warns Task Force

October 11, 2013 -- President, Congress Asked to Close Innovation Deficit
America's innovation leadership in jeopardy due to lack of research and STEM investment

sequestrationApril 12, 2013 -- Task Force Lauds President's Research Budget, Calls for Grand Bargain on Debt
Deal needed to sustain key investments like scientific research